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SIPRO Solutions - Displays and position unit

Visax A

Coordinate Display
Two rows of LED display digits 12 mm
Hot Keys
1 input encoder
Two digital inputs

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Visax C

Display - Programmable positioner with optimal performance at low cost

Viewing six digits + sign ( digits 11 mm )
EEPROM memory for parameters
Preset and Reset Inputs
4 programmable opto-isolated outputs
Reading incremental encoder (up to 100 kHz )
Power 220 V ac or 24V ac
Dimensions: 48 x 96 x 130 mm

Decimal point
Ratio encoder
Function Reset and Preset inputs
Configuracuçión of keyboard keys
Preselection four coordinate
9 modes of management departures

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Siax 51

Positioner remarkable performance at low cost.

Closed loop control of position and speed (optional )
Frequency of 50 kHz shrink .
Functioning as incremental or absolute axis
Wide range of versions .

EEPROM for 1500 program steps
6 programmable inputs
6 static outputs
1 encoder input ( canl A, B and 0 )
2 rows of numeric display high brightness
Keyboard for industrial environments
removable connectors
Alimebntación 220 ac.
Dimensions: 72 x 144 x 130 mm

Simple and fast programming
Each step supports length and number of repetitions
Absolute or Incremental
Link of steps and programs

Ratio encoder
Decimal point
Acceleration and deceleration
Thickness tool ,

Operation ON- OFF or analog
CD Display

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